TONE (itone) wrote,

Shiny and New!

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I like the name. You do realize that you lose your #7 spot on Sophistiphunk's Lj Hot 20 Countdown...LOL, dont worry I'll put in my foot notes that you are debuting as (ex-drownedworld) lol
thanks. i like it too. it's catchy and cute. yes unfortunately i loose my place in your countdown but trust i will move on up with this new one :).



15 years ago

Hey. You're on my neighbors over at Hola.
Hola. How nice of you to drop by. Wanna add me back? :-D
Hey! Saw you in the mynameisdita community and thought you seemed pretty damn cool.
Add me? ;)
xx Alyssa
Oh totally. :-D
Oooh, love your journal. Add me, puhleez.♥
Added. :-D


14 years ago

looking for some more madonna-loving friends. add me? :)
sure. add me and i'll add back. :-)

warning though. sometimes i post, write about scandalous things. are u over 18? lol.
I don't give out my age until I know someone but I'm under 21 unfortinatly lol. Sex, drinking..whatever I'm cool with that.


14 years ago

Hello there. I'm co-mod of wrr (whiterosered) and would love to add you as a friend. I'm Charlotte, 20 years young and a fan of the Queen. ;)
Hey there. 20 years young huh? I like that, i'm going to use it from now haha. Added. :-)
heeey, hope this isn't weird. but you said you were interested in some soap (craftgrrl), so i've come to leave you a link!

my etsy wont be open for about a month or two, i cant really pin point an opening date as i would like to have an inventory, shipping supplies, labels, etc. before i open. those soaps will be made available, plus others and maybe, just maybe a few other things. ;)


thanks for the interest, it means a lot! <3
oh awesome. thanks so much. i am so looking forward to when they are available. :D